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Alcatraz Tickets FAQ

Why do you guys have Alcatraz Tickets when Alcatraz is sold out?

San Fran Tour Center is a Tour & Travel Partner of Alcatraz Cruises. As a Tour & Travel Partner, we are allocated a certain amount of Alcatraz tickets per month. If Alcatraz is sold out, that doesn’t mean we are. But please keep in mind that we have a limited amount of tickets, so we do sell out too.


Do you buy tickets in bulk and then resell them to us?

No. We reserve Alcatraz tickets for particular dates never exceeding our monthly allotment. Depending how many tickets are sold for any given date, we will then acquire only those tickets.


Does this tour actually get us inside Alcatraz or is this just a ride around Alcatraz Island?

The packages that we offer which include Alcatraz gets you inside the prison walls where you will do the audio guided tour. We do not offer any Alcatraz tour packages that just go around Alcatraz. What we advertise is what you will receive, and this goes for all tours we offer, not just Alcatraz tour packages.


Are the available dates on the calendar for Alcatraz tickets guaranteed?

Yes! The dates that you are able to click on our calendar are 100% guaranteed, that is because we actually have it in stock. Unlike some sites that take your money first and provide you a confirmation, we don’t do that. If it’s clickable on our calendar, it’s guaranteed availability, bottom line!


It is a great responsibility to manage someone’s vacation time. We understand that, and we want you and your family to have nothing less than great memories during your stay in our beautiful city of San Francisco.


Alcatraz Tour Tickets




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